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Accepting (or Not Really) Some Changes…

This past weekend was really beautiful, full of sunshine, warm weather, cool breezes, and a little thunder storm thrown in there on Sunday.   Sadly, the cherry blossoms have all fallen off the trees by now, but this vibrant green foliage has pushed it’s way through, which is another refreshing sign of spring.

Along with the advancements and changes of a new year, my eyes have decided to “advance” and “change” as well.  Because glasses are so cheap and accessible here in Asia, I decided to pick up some new reading glasses.  Not that I really needed a new pair, but I wanted something funky and fun to sport while reading or writing at a coffee shop.  It had been a little over a year since I had an eye exam, so after a few tests and me guessing at the numbers that were really small (“I can see the two in the middle… and that’s a three at the end.  Right?  A three?  No?), I got a look as the guy started to scribble some numbers on a piece of paper.  Defending myself I was like, “Well, who can read those?  They’re really tiny numbers!”  He then slipped these techy gadget glasses on my face with lenses in them, and BAM.  I could read all the numbers.  I got up and walked around the shop and noticed all of these far away defined lines that I guess kind of blurred together before.  Seriously confused, I sat down and asked if I needed two pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for seeing far away.  After some unsuccessful attempts at trying to explain what I needed, he eventually had to call his girlfriend who spoke English, and she explained to me that no, I do not need two pairs of glasses for different occasions — I just need one pair of glasses.  For all the time.  Period.

Say whaaaaat?

I had a hard time swallowing this, or even understanding this at first.  The conversation basically went like this:

The girlfriend: “Maybe you mom is old.  Maybe she need two glasses.  You young.  You just wear one glasses.”
Me: “Like, you mean I need glasses?  To wear everyday?  All the time?”  (I clearly was not getting this.)
The girlfriend: “Yes.  You in glasses shop, right?  You need glasses all the time.  Just one glasses.  All the time.”


As I waited the forty-five minutes to get my two new pairs of glasses (that’s right, you can walk out of a glasses shop in South Korea with a free eye exam and two new pairs of glasses for $100 in less than an hour.  Boom.), I played the “can you read that” game with my friends (yes, they could; no, I couldn’t), and then went ahead and had a mini mental breakdown.  I’ve had pretty good eyesight my whole life, except that little stint with astigmatism when I was younger, which I grew out of (super proud of my body for doing that), but most importantly, I don’t want to wear glasses all the time.   My other mom, Kim, asked me if it’s a vanity thing.

Sure is.

Thankfully, I can see fine without them.  I just can’t read things that are far away.  Or see defined lines, apparently (who needs ’em).

I might still be having a hard time accepting this.

Anyway, for the days I do decide to strut my new specs, I got these seriously awesome red frames:


and I got these very hipster-ish, very Asian, big black frames (when in Asia, right?):



I have circumnavigated the globe, I have lived overseas, and now I'm back in America about to marry my beautiful fiance, Renee. Follow our adventures in travel, getting healthier with Plexus and starting a brand new life.

3 thoughts on “Accepting (or Not Really) Some Changes…

    1. Thank you! I’m happy that I can rock different moods and looks with the glasses, and can also go without. 🙂
      By the way, wearing neutral eye color with a plumb eyeliner – loooove it!

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