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10 Tips for Rocking That Long Flight

Tis the season of vacation, which often means plane rides.  I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to planes and airports.  On one hand, yay!  You’re on vacation!  If you have enough time you can grab an overpriced cocktail at one of the airport’s bars (I always go for a Bloody Mary), which you don’t really mind paying for because you’re officially starting your vacation.  The airport is great for people watching, and your mood is generally light and happy because in a few hours you’ll be at your very own version of paradise.

On the other hand, sometimes layovers are killer, especially if it’s a long one and in a crappy airport. Also, the air on the airplane is dry, recycled and dirty.  Now, if you’re on the plane for three hours or less, it’s not so bad.  Maybe get in a little nap, a little reading, look out the window and marvel at the clouds.  If you’re on the plane for longer, it generally just gets annoying.  If you’re on the plane for about fifteen hours straight, it can be downright miserable.  The first time I made the flight from America to South Korea was awful – so so awful.  By the time I got off the plane my feet and ankles were swollen, I could barely breathe through my nose, my throat was super dry, my clothes were completely stretched out and wrinkled, and overall I just felt disgusting.  I looked around at the other women on the plane, and somehow they looked even better and more refreshed than when they had first gotten on the plane!  How is that possible??  Now that I’ve done this across the ocean trip nine times, I’ve watched and learned, as well as read different articles featured every month in my girly magazines.  Here are ten tips for enduring (nay, rocking) those long flights:

First: clothes.  I’ve found that wearing a cotton jersey dress with leggings is perfect.  It doesn’t wrinkle, it doesn’t stretch out and it’s super comfortable.  I also pack a scarf because it can keep you warm, and it can act as a little blanket or pillow.  Please skip the pajama pants.  We know you’re going to be on a long flight and want to be comfortable, but  slip on a pair of simple black yoga pants as an alternative if you’re not down with wearing a dress.

Second: wet wipes.  These are really nice and essential to give your face, neck and arms a wipe down when you’re feeling gritty.

Third: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  As I said before, the air on the plane is dry and gross, and it leaves your skin parched.  If nothing else, bring face moisturizer because that’s most important.  After wiping your face down with a wet wipe, use your favorite moisturizer, and you’ll instantly feel cleaner.  I’ve also seen many women put on a moisturizing face mask during the flight, and although I haven’t done that, I think I might try it on my next flight.  I also bring a bottle of hand lotion and use it on my hands, arms and feet whenever I feel the need.

Fourth: facial water spray.  I didn’t know about this stuff until I saw everyone in Korea using it, and now I’m an addict.  For those times you need a moisture boost but don’t want to wipe down and slather on moisturizer, this hydrates your skin and doesn’t bother your makeup one bit.

Fifth: sleep mask.  I was never into these, but on one incredibly lucky flight from Japan to Texas, I got seated in business class (a beautiful experience).  They offered these lavender scented silky eye masks, and it was so soothing and easy to block out the dim florescent lights and the flickering of everyone’s personal TV screens.

Sixth: eye drops.  Your eyes will most likely be red and tired when your flight lands, so a drop in each eye of a redness reducing formula makes you look more awake and restores moisture.

Seventh: water.  Once you’re past security, absolutely buy a bottle of water to bring on the plane.  It’s a pain to have to track down a flight attendant and wait for a cup of water whenever you want a sip, so just keep a bottle with you.

Eighth: toothbrush and toothpaste.  Grimy teeth are no fun, and gum can only do so much.

Ninth: socks.  During a long flight you really don’t want to be wearing shoes the entire time; however, when you get up to walk around or go to the bathroom you don’t want to be barefoot.  I bring an extra pair of thick socks to wear so my feet don’t get cold and I don’t care about getting them dirty.

Tenth: probiotics.  Every time someone coughs or sneezes near me in an airport or plane, I cringe.  Bring some probiotic tablets (I use Airborne) and drink one before you get on the plane, one during your flight, and one when you get to your destination.  These seriously work, and no one wants to be sick on vacation.

I don’t wear much makeup when I board the plane, just a little concealer for problem areas and maybe mascara.  In the last hour of  a long flight you’ll start to get stir crazy in anticipation of getting to your destination — this is a good time to apply your makeup.  After moisturizing throughout the trip and with untouched makeup on your face, you instantly look refreshed and awake when the plane lands.

Always make sure you follow TSA regulations, which means putting all of your lotions, liquids and gels in a bottle that is less than 3.4 oz and putting those bottles in a quart size bag (you are only allowed one bag).  Any liquids you can’t transfer to a smaller bottle you must put in your checked luggage, or watch your favorite, expensive perfume or hair product be thrown in the trash.

Happy travels!  Write a comment below and let me know any tips and tricks you have for long flights.

Sunset above the clouds
Look as beautiful as this sunset above the clouds


I have circumnavigated the globe, I have lived overseas, and now I'm back in America about to marry my beautiful fiance, Renee. Follow our adventures in travel, getting healthier with Plexus and starting a brand new life.

7 thoughts on “10 Tips for Rocking That Long Flight

  1. Reblogged this on Wander One Day and commented:
    As I prepare for our 7+ hour flight across the Atlantic, I’ve been searching for some good tips to make our flight restful and refreshing instead of dehydrating and disorienting. I came across this great post form Antevasin and thought I would share it! She wisely suggests moisturizing and hydrating like crazy to combat the dry airplane air, which is something I’ve found makes a huge difference when I get to my destination. Click on through for more great ideas 🙂

  2. This list is right on! Right after service cleanup, I usually go wash everything off, brush my teeth, change clothes if necessary, and get comfy. And then I do the same on approach to freshen. The only thing I’d add to the list is WALKING. You won’t swell if you keep moving, you wont feel bad drinking the proper amount of water because you’ll be by the lavs anyway, make friendly with the crew, and most importantly, no gassy buildup.

  3. I usually bring a reusable water bottle (22oz) and on their first round giving out drinks, I’d ask the flight attendant to fill it up. They always do it and I have better control of how much water I drink, plus, I don’t have to wait for them when I feel thirsty. On a 10hrs flight I have it filled up twice, plus some tea or juice I might drink extra.

    1. That’s a great idea! For those really long flights I usually take two bottles of water and drink those and juice throughout, but it’ll feel good to not have to carry around two 22 oz bottles before the plane. 🙂

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