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Tonight I’ve been on the hunt for positivity.

Stress and doubts have been clouding mind the past few days, and although I have the stay positive/look on the bright side/calm down talk with myself multiple times a day now, it’s exhausting.  I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking, but I needed another avenue — I needed to get outside of my head and seek more of the goodness and light out there in the world (or the internet).  I came across some beautiful things, and this did a pretty good job of  calming my uncertainties and fears:

Love Liberates, by Dr. Maya Angelou.

Talking about her mother she says,

“And I thought, suppose she’s right.  She’s intelligent, and she says she’s too mean to lie, so, suppose I am gonna be somebody.  She released me.  She freed me to say I may have something in me that would be of value.  Maybe not just to me.  You see, that’s love.”

It kind of takes a load off to see that even someone as amazing and influential as Dr. Maya Angelou had her own doubts and insecurities about her gifts.  What if she had not pursued her passions?

What if you don’t pursue yours?


I have circumnavigated the globe, I have lived overseas, and now I'm back in America about to marry my beautiful fiance, Renee. Follow our adventures in travel, getting healthier with Plexus and starting a brand new life.

4 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. Wow. Just want you to know that you don’t know me, I used to work with your mom. I happened to be in search of positivity myself today, and happened to come home and see this and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you so very much. Vivien Mudgett

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