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National Novel Writing Month: Week 2

Words to date: 32,651
Words to go: 17,349
Days to go: 16

My Sunday work station at Cafe Bene in Gohyeon.

NaNoWriMo continues! Week two has been productive, and I’m glad that I’ve gotten extra words on the page so I’m not stressed to write every single morning and evening if I have other things to do or just want to veg out after a long day of work.  On Saturday I went to Tongyeong, the next island over, and participated in a Writeathon with a group of about ten people.  I was immediately inspired by the walk to the bus station as fall has really set in and is showing its colors.  I arrived at Holly’s Coffee in Tongyeong knowing no one, and it was really encouraging and fun being around people working towards the same goal, everyone writing something different. We chatted and bounced ideas off of one another, and we also had timed word wars: a period of fifteen or thirty minutes where we all stuck in our headphones and wrote as many words as we could. The idea was to let your mind run without editing and hope your fingers could keep up. We did a few rounds of this over the afternoon, and I won once writing about 1,350 words in a half hour; the prize of my NaNoWriMo sticker now proudly displayed on my laptop.

I’m also happy to announce that I reached my goal of 25,000 words by Sunday afternoon!

My walk to the bus station.
Autumn inspiration.

Some things I have discovered in week two of NaNoWriMo:

Just keep going: Feel like what you’re writing is the most awful, unorganized, crappy and uninspiring story that has ever been typed into a word processor? Yeah, me, too; but from what I’ve read, this is totally normal. Don’t lose heart! It’s supposed to be raw, bare bones at this point.  Many times this past week I’ve felt like I was writing mundane, pointless things, but I write them anyway because that’s what happened in my life at that point in the story, and I just need to get it all down on paper. I can always throw it out later if after editing I still feel that it’s unimportant, but it should all come out now.
Your writing is unorganized? Organize it later. It’s uninspiring and unpolished? You can weave your word magic after your novel is finished and polish it until it shines so bright that it blinds someone with awesomeness. Just keep going.

Follow your thoughts: There have been a few times in the past two weeks when I started writing some detail or event that originally seems unimportant, but then it snowballed in and continued to grow into a few pages that got me excited and triggered some memories and feelings.
For instance, I was writing about going to a dance club for the first time out in Arizona. I started to write about it not really knowing what to say or why it was even worth mentioning, but I suddenly remembered the feeling I got when I walked into the club. I was the new girl, no one knew my story, and since I was on this period of renewal and discovery, I could be whoever I wanted. I could act however I wanted. I had all the freedom in the world, and there was no one there to judge me who had preconceived notions of ‘who I was’. I remember the feeling of liberation and excitement, and I got excited all over again writing about it. Had I just skipped over this detail of where I went, deeming it unimportant, I would have not written about this important step in my journey.

So, week two has been about dedication to getting the words on the page, not getting too bummed when your story feels flat and all around terrible, and about following your mind to see where it takes you.

How was week two for you?


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8 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month: Week 2

  1. You’re KILLING it! And you were all worried! 🙂 Sounds like it’s been really productive for you. I’m the same way about getting ahead. I really like the security of being able to take a day off because I’ve worked hard on staying ahead—yesterday, I had a seriously terrible day and just… didn’t. And today I’m at about 27k!

    Also, that’s really awesome about the moment you wrote about at the club. I’ve had so many writing moments like that—where it just goes off and spirals and then I’m writing about something I never saw coming.

    Upwards and onwards!

    (also I totally have a NaNo sticker on my laptop from years ago and it is amazing)

    1. Awesome word count! Yeah, I’ve had a couple of evenings where I just wanted to relax or go to dinner with friends instead, so it’s nice.

      I’m having a great time, and am curious to see if I finish the whole story by the end of November, not just the 50,000 words.

  2. Nice going honey, you’re doing a great job, it’s cool you can bring back memories and write about them.

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