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Let’s Talk About Hair

Like so many people out there, I dream of having hair that is basically opposite of what grows on my head.  I have thin, wavy/frizzy locks with no body to speak of, so I have to hunt for products that give the illusion of having beautiful, thick, voluminous strands.  When Birchbox teamed up with Curly Hair Solutions, I jumped at the chance to try both their Curl Keeper Gel as well as their Original formula.

Picture source: here
Picture source: here

The Curl Keeper Gel is made to reduce frizz and keep your curls light and bouncy without the crunch.  I tend to shy away from gels as they leave my hair stiff and weighed down, but this formula is water-based with Panthenol, which helps keep curls in a nice “S” shape and reduces fly aways without the signature gel feel.  I use this product when I get out of the shower and let my hair air-dry, which gives my hair more volume, more defined curls and less frizz.

Picture source: here
Picture source: here

The Original Curl Keeper is also a water-based formula, and I use it when I style my hair with a blow dryer or curling iron.  This doesn’t give the same defined bouncy curls as the gel, but it definitely keeps my hair from looking like a puffy, frizzy mess.  If you’re a person who can go a day or two between washes, you can easily re-active this formula by misting your hair to tame those unruly strays.

I definitely recommend these products as they are long-lasting, they doesn’t leave behind any residue, and they can really turn your kinky/wavy locks into a smooth pile of curls.


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