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7 Day Gift of Health

It’s that merry time of year again! As the holidays embrace us, our clothes tend to fit a bit more snug more and more each day. We start to feel more lethargic, and our favorite item in the closet becomes our sweatpants (or those super soft LuLaRoe leggings, amiright?). Thoughts of “I’m going to get healthy in 2017” start to cross our mind, and the New Year seems like a great time start that journey.

What if you could try something NOW that would get you even more pumped for a healthy New Year? You’re in luck because I’m hosting a 7 day trial group of the Plexus Slim! Just before Christmas is the PERFECT time for this: an inexpensive gift of health to yourself, and more energy for all of the festivities!I’m looking for people who want to try Plexus Slim (the Pink Drink) for a week, give honest feedback, and enter contests for chances to win fun prizes! If you have been even a little curious and are wondering what it’s all about, this is a great “dip your toes in the water” way to see for yourself.

Here are the requirements:

-You purchase & sample a 7 day trial pack of Plexus Slim.

-You participate in a closed/secret Facebook group with the other participants.

-You give honest feedback throughout the 7 days.

There will be Plexus product giveaways over the 7 days! Purchase must be made by SUNDAY, December 11 to be eligible. We will be starting THURSDAY, December 15. Comment below or message me if you’re interested!

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All About Those Plants

Grandma teaching Bruce about the awesomeness of plants. As much as you can teach a 1 1/2 year old.

Let’s talk about plants for a minute.

Plexus (which is an amazing natural health and wellness company) products are natural, mineral and plant-based products.  If you’ve watched My Why video, you’ll know that even I was a skeptic of these products at first (for TWO YEARS!). I’m all about being natural, but when it comes to RESULTS, I was a huge skeptic that natural products would even come close to doing what prescribed medications do. I mean… they’re plants.

But then I had a thought the other morning. If you eat the wrong plants or berries, they can kill you. ACTUALLY KILL YOU. A tiny berry! (Anyone read “Into The Wild?) If you touch the wrong plant, it can spread horrible, itchy hives all over your body like wildfire. (Ever get poison ivy or poison oak as a kid?) Just by TOUCHING the plant! Coffee, which comes from a berry, has the power to give us energy and keep us up all night if we drink it too late.

We know all of this to be true, so why do we have such a hard time believing that the opposite can be true, too? Why do we have a hard time believing that plants could actually bring us back to life?  Or at least help get our body on the right track again!  For example: beet root is a natural detoxifier and antioxidant that aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease (found in Plexus Slim).  Grape skin extract is a powerful antioxidant that also aids in heart health and lowers blood sugar (also found in the Slim).  Ahiflower oil is used in the Plexus MegaX softgel, which supplies your body with amazing Omegas.  Omegas are super important for both brain and cardiovascular health, and can also aid in stress reduction and relaxation.

There are so many more examples that I could recite after I started doing some research, but my point is this – for all the skeptics out there (I was one for a loooong time!), you should definitely give plants a shot.  Thankfully, Plexus has done the research and science and has formulated life-changing products that can help with an entire slew of health issues.  Plexus does not claim to “cure” anything, but I can tell you from my personal experience, and from those who have given Plexus a shot, these products have amazing BENEFITS.  Medications have side-effects (you just need to listen to a pharmaceutical commercial, and most likely more than half of it is the list of the harmful things that could possibly happen), and I like to say that Plexus has benefits.  You want to lose weight? So many of the products have that benefit – but it first stems from correcting the root problem of unbalanced blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and poor gut health.  The products are working to naturally balance your body, and once your body is consistently balanced, the benefits include more energy and possible weight loss.  I’ve experienced both of these benefits and a lot more.

It’s OK if you think that maybe Plexus is a bunch of natural hooey, but then again – what if this changes everything for you?  And with a 60-day money back guarantee, what’s there to lose?  Message me for more info!

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Super Tired?


Quick thought from Melissa Eickenhorst:

“How does society teach us to make extra money?
• A nurse takes extra shifts.
• A police officer works through the night.
• A teacher tutors after teaching all day.
• A hairdresser books more clients.
• A graphic designer takes on freelance clients.
• A single mom works a second job.
• A father works overtime.
All of these ways involve spending more time AWAY from your family and friends. Isn’t the goal to spend more time WITH the ones you love?”
I was able to quit my third job because of the awesome opportunities with Plexus. Now I get to sleep in every weekend morning, wake up with my fiancé and FaceTime with my family in Michigan. ❤️

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Detoxify Your Beautiful Insides


I have been on some diets, let me tell you.  The cabbage soup diet, the shake meal-replacement diet, this Chinese medicine diet (which was BY FAR the worst), etc. etc. etc. And here I am, years later, after trying all of these fad diets, and STILL trying to drop some weight.  We all know the fluctuation game: lose 20 lbs. with this or that diet, but eventually gain it all back PLUS more over time.  These fad diets don’t work because they’re not sustainable! Are you really going to replace one meal out of your day, every single day, for the rest of your life, with a shake?  Probably not.

But would you take natural products filled with vitamins each day to help you lose weight in a sustainable way, PLUS detoxify the waste and toxins in your body?  No meal replacements, no restrictions — just vitamins.  Ummmm heck yes!

With Plexus, my favorite combination of products is the Tri-Plex Combo.  Tri-Plex features Slim (which I posted about here), along with Bio Cleanse and ProBio 5.
Bio Cleanse

Bio Cleanse helps clean your gastrointestinal tract (which stores all of the waste and toxins in your body that makes you feel sluggish), and it promotes regular digestive health.  It has 95% of your daily magnesium value, which contributes to healthy muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation.

ProBio5While you’re cleaning out the toxins in your body with the Bio Cleanse, you’re then replacing the bad stuff with your ProBio 5, which is a powerful probiotic that aids in regular digestive health and promotes a health immune system.

When you clean out the toxins that make you feel sluggish and bloated, your weight will drop and you will have more energy!  You will feel the results of the Tri-Plex combo. right away, and you will be able to visually see the results soon after.

No more fad diets that leave us feeling grumpy and lacking!  Visit my website here to check out all of the products and different combinations that will make a difference in your life.

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Energy to Burn!

They say that if your dog is overweight, YOU need more exercise.  Ain’t that the dang truth!


This morning I woke up with energy to burn!  It’s July in Texas, which means nothing but scorching heat and humidity.  I woke up before the sun was set in the sky, strapped the dog to the leash and put on my tennis shoes.  We walked (and even ran!!  What?!) down the road a mile, then turned around and came back, all while rocking out to Pandora.


Between the walking, running and dancing intervals, I’m sure I looked like a crazy lady with her little dog — but hey, at least I had fun burning those calories!

If you’ve been following, you know that I’ve gotten all my recent energy from the all-natural Plexus products.  If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, message me or visit my shop to learn more!

What if this could change everything?
It already is.

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That Pink Drink, Though!

No more mid-day slump!
No more mid-day slump!

Let’s talk about Slim, baby!  Let’s talk about you and me!

If you’re thinking that this is just another weight loss gimmick, it’s not!  Slim does way more than just aid in weight loss.

Plexus Slim is the most popular product that Plexus has, and for good reason.  This little packet mixes with water and is to be consumed 15 – 30 minutes before eating.  Most people like to drink it before breakfast, but you can take it any time of day.

Once consumed, this little all-natural wonder drink immediately goes to work on maintaining normal blood sugar levels, as well as healthy cholesterol and lipid levels.

*Fun fact, Slim was originally created for people with diabetes as a natural alternative to managing blood sugar.

There are many key ingredients in the packet that help with a slew of health problems.  For instance: Slim contains Beet Root and Grape Skin Extract: beet root is a natural detoxifier and antioxidant that aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease.  Grape skin extract is a powerful antioxidant that also aids in heart health and lowers blood sugar.

Chromium and Garcinia Cambogia, two other key ingredients, have also been known to lower blood sugar levels, even out blood pressure and lower cholesterol.  Garcinia Cabogia helps boost serotonin, which alleviates symptoms of stress and depression.

One thing that I was shocked to see was the number of testimonies of people who have arthritis whose pain and discomfort were greatly alleviated because of the natural anti-inflammatory in the pink drink.  Samples are in the mail to my mother as we speak so she can tell me first hand if it helps with her arthritis.

And, of course, when your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are in great shape, you naturally feel better and have more energy!  Because of the energy boost this drink gives, you want to move more, which burns more fat… you see where this is going.  It has been the first consistent week that I’ve been dedicated to the product, and I’ve already shed a few pounds!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get off your medication, or just want to feel more energetic, please message me for more information!  Or click here to check out my Plexus office.